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As far as joining our community is concerned, there is a $60 activation fee and a $30 a month in dues obligation. Inside 1-2 business weeks you will receive your acceptance package inclusive of certificate denoting acceptance, membership I.D #, and membership name affixed to honorary membership to the school of Sip.par (solar numerology school). As a member investment stratagems will be shared with you on a month to month basis, you will have access to our specialists for consultation purposes, receive discount rates to seminars, publications, tax lists, and a host of other benefits. Each month you will grow in knowledge and will be able to pursue economical endeavors with a confidence of having a whole community’s support. We are committed to seeing to it that you are a success.
Thanks and congratulations in advance. -administration of the Nu-Covenant.
“It’s not enough to make a living. You should enjoy living as well.”