Head of the Crown: Illustrious Supreme Grand Apperception Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re age 29, fluent in 7 languages and author of 80 plus books
Under the NU-Covenant we have established a first amendment Humanitarian forum where we will talk about oneness, goodness, humility, and respect for all mankind in accordance with the salient and fixed observation of nature's subtle definition of itself known and acceptable to all living beings, amongst a gathering of friends with similar interests.Though highly spiritual we have no specific tie with any one, monotheistic or polytheistic denomination. Our incentive is to re-establish economical sovereignty back into the lives of the people that need it most. We ask that you entertain the precept of spiritual economics. To substantiate all precepts, we lead by example. Read More >>
Queen Afua founder of the Queen Afua Wellness Institute and best selling author of Heal Thyself, Sacred Woman, and the City of Wellness: Restoring your health through the Seven Kitchens of Consciousness, has laid out the Greenprint for transforming our health in 21 days through the four module upward guide for optimal wellness. The 21 Day program teaches clients wholistic techniques on how to approach common diseases such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure & cholesterol, constipation, fibroid tumors and prostate blockage and more. Read More >>